About Us

About Us

Our company was created in the year 1997, and it is located in the city of Reghin, Mures county, Romania. With a staff of 5 workers, Durly Prodimpex S.R.L. produces a wide amount of: semi-products for stringed musical instruments(violin, viola, cello,double-bass). Our clients represent local and international major companies, and our employees are ensured with optimal promoting condition within the company.The main target market of our products and services is represented by countries in Western Europe. The current clients we collaborate with appreciate the quality of our work, and we are certain that you will also be satisfied by our services.


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Our tonewood

Our main suply for tonewood comes from the forests near us, deep in the Gurghiu mountains. The Gurghiu Mountains are a range in the Cãliman-Harghita Mountains of the Eastern Carpathians, Romania, in the Transylvania region. The mountains are relatively low, but well-wooded in maple and naturally beautiful.

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  • I’d recommend Durlytonewood to anyone, hands down best supplier ever

  • Great service, the goods arrived on time, no fuss at all!

    Cirlogea Mircea

Durlicioiu Claudiu

Tel: 004-0265.512.929

Email: durlyprod@yahoo.com

SC. Durly Prodimpex S.R.L.

Liliacului no. 3-5,
545300 Reghin
Mures County

Durlicioiu Sorin

Tel: 004-0265.512.929

Email: durlyprod@yahoo.com